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Last modified: December 15, 2011
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If there is a cohabitation agreement, issues will be dealt with according to that contract. If no agreements are made, some rules of thumb can be sued to divide assets, the house, etc.



If there is no cohabitation agreement, which deals witht he following issues, the following rules of thumb can be used:

  • The person who paid for a certain property is the owne and can keep it. Receipts, overviews from the abnk, etc. can help you to indicate who paid what.
  • If something is a joint property, you can either sell it and divide the money obtained, or you can determine the value (by, for instance, using websites where second hand goods are being sold) and on eperson can compensate the other person by giving half of the value after which he/she becomes the owner.
  • The house is property of the person on whose name it is registered. Beware that the ownership of the house and the persons being burdened with the mortgage can differ.
  • If there are children, child support can be paid.
  • If there is no marriage or registered partnership, no alimony needs to be paid.

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