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Consumer Consumer products Defective products General, Netherlands, South Korea

When a consumer product breaks down within the warranty period, due to quality or manufacturing defect, the consumer gets a free repair. If this is not possible, the consumer gets a new replacing product. If the products are not available anymore, the consumer gets a refund. After the fourth or fifth recurring breakdown, the consumer gets a refund including essential costs.

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Family Divorce Child support General

When a family splits up, both parents remain responsible for the children. This includes financial responsibility. The parent that takes care of the children on a daily basis receives child support from the other parent, also for children born out of wedlock.

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Family Divorce Child support Nicaragua

The partner who has the daily care of their children typically receives 30-35% of the gross monthly income of the other partner as child support per month.

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Family Divorce Child support russia

The basic premise during a divorce in Russia is that the parent living away from the child should pay child support.

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Family Divorce Child support New york, usa

Child support is calculated according the New York child support standards.

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Family Divorce Child support canada

Simplified tables determine the amount of child support using two factors - number of children and income of the payor.

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Family Divorce Child support Azerbajan

Normally, the child support is set at 25% of the income of the man.

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Family Divorce Child support Egypt

In Egypt a judge may deduct 25-40% of the salary of the man.

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Land and Housing Community land Sharing revenues Ghana

How can land revenues/value/use be fairly shared? For peri-urban Ghana, a committee consisting of the heads of the thirteen divisions of the Kumasi Traditional Area has made a proposal to legislate land revenue sharing.

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Land and Housing Eviction Compensation for home improvements United Kingdom

In case of eviction from a rented house compensation for home improvements is determined by dividing the number of years ago the improvement was made by the notional life.

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Work and Business Fatal accidents Compensation Azerbajan

In case of a fatal accident concerning an oil worker, the oil company continues to pay the full monthly salary to the children (both inside and outside of marriage) as long as these children have not reached the age of 18.

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Land and Housing Eviction Compensation Uganda

Compensation is determined by examining the reasonable market prices of the houses left by the families and the reasonable costs for moving.

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Family Divorce Property sharing Netherlands

When no prenuptial agreement exists, each of the parties gets 50% of the assets (this includes 50% of the debts). Included are the assets that are commonly owned at the time of the divorce. If a party has strong emotional ties with certain goods (heirlooms etc.) she or he can keep the good but has to compensate 50% of the value to the other party. The value of all assets is determined on the moment of the actual dividing.

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Family Decease Inheritance Netherlands

If there is a husband or wife of the deceased person, half of the goods in principle belong to him/her. The other half is within scope of the inheritance. Each of the children get an equal share of this half.

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Family Divorce Custody Netherlands
Land and Housing Eviction Compensation Azerbajan

When people get evicted, they receive an amount of money that enables them to build a new house. The exact amount is determined by looking at the current average costs for building a comparable house in a comparable place, and the average reasonable costs for rehousing. This can be established by a neutral party.

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Family Divorce House Netherlands

In most cases, the party that has the strongest ties to the house can stay in the house after the divorce. Usually, this is the party that spent most time in the house. When the relationship only existed for a small number of years (1-5 years), the party who already lived there is assumed to have the strongest ties.

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Family Divorce Sharing pension rights Netherlands

If one or both parties has obtained pension rights during the marriage, these are equally divided.

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Land and Housing Damage to crops Compensation Nicaragua

Each party has to take care for 50% (of the costs) of a fence between properties.

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Land and Housing Border lines Determining borders Nicaragua

Disputes about the exact border lines and ownership of plots of land are often solved by careful delineating and measuring the disputed land after which an equal split takes place.

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Family Decease Inheritance Netherlands

If there is no will, the inheritance gets shared according to the rules of succession law.

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Work and Business Summary dismissal Justifiable reasons Netherlands
Work and Business Dismissal Justifiable reasons Kenya

There is no statutory requirement for a valid cause or justifiable reason of dismissal in Kenya. The employer is only required to respect a specific notice period, or to give the employee pay in lieu of notice. In case of “gross misconduct”, the employer may summarily dismiss an employee (i.e. without notice).

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Work and Business Dismissal Notice & compensation Kenya

Notice is required for terminating all contracts except those for a fixed-term period or for specific tasks (sec. 14, EA), and except when the employee is summarily dismissed (sec. 17, EA).

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Family Decease Inheritance Kenya

According to the Law of Succession Act 1981, female and male children (both married and unmarried) inherit from their parents equally.

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Work and Business Community land Custody azerbaijan

Redundancy indicates the situation in which employees cannot be utilized for work anymore (when business is going bad, for instance, or the work activities the employee undertook no longer are part of business activities). In situations like these, the employer notifies the labour office and the employee gets a severance pay.

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Land and Housing Eviction, expropriation Compensation India Minimum compensation is:
  • At least four times the market value for land acquired in rural areas
  • At least two times the market value for land acquired in urban areas
The minimum market value is set as the average of the sale price for similar type of land being acquired, ascertained from the highest fifty per cent of the sale deeds registered during the preceding three years in the nearest village or nearest vicinity of the land being acquired.Read more
Family Birth Family name Netherlands

When the parents are married, the child gets the father's family name. When the parents are not married, the child gets the mother's name.

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Family Cohabitation Cohabitation contract Netherlands

People who are living together and are not married can draft a cohabitation contract. They can draft this contract themselves, or with the support of a civil notary. The latter is needed for certain arrangements like for pension rights of partners, etc.

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Family Cohabitation Splitting up Netherlands

If there is a cohabitation agreement, issues will be dealt with according to that contract. If no agreements are made, some rules of thumb can be sued to divide assets, the house, etc.

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Land and Housing Rented housing Maintenance Netherlands

Responsibility for maintenance is divided between the landlord and the tenant. The landlord is responsible for taking care of larger maintenance (like outside painting, drains, sewerage, gas, water and electricity, c.v., lift, etc.) and the tenant for smaller maintenance (like inside painting, rasters, chimneys, light switches, etc.).

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Land and Housing Rented housing Late payments Netherlands

If a tenant is behind on payments of the rent, the landlord can request a court to remove the tenant. In case of late payments of two to three months of rent, a court will usually give permission.

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Land and Housing Rented housing Notice period for landlord Netherlands

A reasonable notice period for a house with a contract for an indefinite period is fixed at three months plus an extra month for every year the tenant lived in the house (with a maximum of six months notice).

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Land and Housing Rented housing Compensation Netherlands

When a tenant is requested to leave the rented house (for instance, because the landlord want to sell the house), he can get a reasonable compensation. Roughly speaking, a reasonable compensation can be calculated by taking 10-20% of the sales price of the house (take the market price for a house without tenants) and divide it by two.

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Family Inheritance Taxes Netherlands

When someone inherits money, he needs to pay succession taxes if it is more than the exempted amount.

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