: Praxis Support to Social Development

“Praxis” Support to Social Development is an independent local non-governmental organization established in September 2003. Official registration of the organization at the Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan Republic took place in August 2005. 

The name PRAXIS originates from an ancient Greek word which means ACTION: “a hard theory to put into action”.

The overall aim of the organization is to promote conditions of sustainable human development in which people are able to enjoy a full range of human rights, fulfill their needs free from poverty and live in dignity. In order to achieve this aim, “Praxis” works to:

  • Advocate for protection and promotion of legal and social rights of vulnerable groups;
  • Support to strengthening of local self-governance institutions and public participation;
  • Disseminate and propagate the grounding principles of free market and civil society;
  • Increase awareness of population on poverty reduction and factors creating poverty;
  • Organize monitoring and evaluation of various social and legal programs of the state.

In previous years, Praxis has established a well functioning and a qualified network of lawyers and legal aid centers that has gained valuable experience in protection of vulnerable groups of population. More than 25,000 persons returnees have benefited from Praxis legal aid services directly throughout 2005-2010 with the financial support from international and national donors and partners. Nearly, 10,000 individual cases related to status and recovery of personal documents, property restitution and compensation, registration in place of residence, and access to social and medical services have been solved successfully. Communities, local authorities and other stakeholders acknowledge the role and work of Praxis in protection assistance to vulnerable groups of population by involving them in consultations and discussions, as well as planning of national level or local level strategies and policies.

The main purpose of Praxis in joining Micro justice project has been to gain from and contribute to experience and information sharing process. Through developing and applying dispute settlement tools, Praxis would like to expand the effect of its work in dispute settlement to other NGOs and regions of Azerbaijan. By TISCO mentoring, it shall develop a coordinated and systematic approach in solution of individual and collectives legal and administrative issues. Enhancing the capacity of its legal and administrative personnel is also an important objective of the organization.


Praxis Support to Social Development

by admin on April 22, 2011

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