: Kantor Bantuan Hukum

KBH Lampung is one of seven of Indonesia Legal Aid and People Education Foundation (YPBHI) which established on 1997 to improve legal awareness and strengthening access to justice for poor and marginalized groups in Indonesia. In partnership with others civil society organizations, government agencies and justice institutions, both at national and local level, KBH conducts several key activities such as: developing legal reform initiatives, supporting community’s advocacy works, strengthening community based legal aid services, developing paralegalism as well as mediation knowledge and skills. KBH plays a key role of improving legal empowerment project design and its implementation strategies while involve in research and policy reform activities both at national and local level in Indonesia.

KBH Lampung is a branch office of Indonesia Legal Aid and Education Foundation which have been work since 1999 across Indonesia. The main objective of KBH office is to strengthening legal awareness and improves access to justice for poor and marginalized groups in order to improve democracy and human right implementation in Indonesia.

Since 2004, in collaboration with Justice for the Poor Program, KBH has been implementing Revitalization of Legal Aid Project which allows KBH to establish more than 20 community based legal aid posts across Lampung Province. During the project, KBH works closely with universities and training organization to develop a comprehensive training materials and tools for legal education for more than 80 community-based paralegal and village mediators. During February 2009 – September 2010, there were 406 community meeting for legal education involving 10.893 male and female participant at village level; 61 legal clinics facilitated by KBH’s community lawyers and gender specialist with total 1209 participants.

Kantor Bantuan Hukum

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