At DAS we believe that everybody has a right to legal assistance. Our mission is to make legal en financial legal expertise accessible for everybody. In doing this we think it is important to speak in layman’s terms (not the complicated legal jargon). We say what we do and do what we say. DAS is specialized in preventing, solving and managing legal problems for individuals and legal and financial-legal problems for companies and (semi-)government organisations. DAS offers legal services obtained through legal insurance policies and through time-for-money contracts. DAS also has legal specialists and legal financial specialists in the field of collection services and consultancy. In the Netherlands and in Europe DAS is the largest specialized legal insurance company. In 2010 alone, DAS handled over 105.000 cases in more than 40 different legal fields. DAS also handled over 750.000 collection claims in that same year.


Our strength is our legal and financial-legal expertise. In our corporate social responsibility strategy we want to use our strengths to help others. Microjustice gave us this opportunity. We have contributed to this website by providing helpful input for each of the dispute resolution tools. Furthermore we have served on the board of Microjustice. And we will provide ongoing legal advice to Microjustice when needed.


by robertporter on April 28, 2011

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