Getting parties together in a good environment to meet and talk about the problem is a first step in a dispute resolution process. Tools for the MEET phase are about setting the right conditions and taking the right actions to start the process.



Asking the right questions and guiding parties through a mediation by clarifying the dispute, addressing needs and interests and dealing with emotions, is a key task of every good facilitator.  Tools for the TALK phase include the methods that will support facilitators to support an effective and solution orientated dialogue.



Deciding on ‘who gets what’  is a challenge where many conflict resolution processes end in a stalemate. Objective criteria can help parties to negotiate a fair outcome. Tools for the SHARE phase are about introducing the right knowledge of law and custom into the process to support parties to know what is a fair share.



Parties are not always able to agree on a solution themselves. Sometimes a more influential party is needed, who stands above both parties and can help them to push to a solution. This influential party can work as a neutral decision-maker. To find this influential party and to support him in his neutral role the Tools in the DECIDE phase can be helpful.



Once an agreement is reached, facilitators need to work on the final challenge: how to ensure compliance and restore the harmony in the relationship in the long term. Tools in the STABILISE phase aim to support compliance and follow up to restore the balance in the relationship.


Dispute resolution tools

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