The microjustice workplace

This microjustice workplace is a collaborative platform to develop and find tools for effective dispute resolution. The tools can be used by everyone to develop a microjustice service that is based on best practices in dispute resolution from around the world.

Microjustice is…?

Family disputes, property conflict, and labour issues: they disrupt lives. In essence, these legal problems are about people’s investments in their homes, land, family, business, and work. Protecting their rights in these investments is essential for economic development. Legal systems – formal or informal – are often not accessible for the poor. Improving access to justice; that is what microjustice is about.

The collaboration

The microjustice toolbox project is a collaborative project. You can find and/or add tools and legal information to share your knowledge and expertise to help others. The information that you can find on the website is developed by partners from around the world who are working on tools to support local dispute resolution projects. The partners also test these tools thoroughly in practice to make sure that they contribute to an effective path to justice for the people involved. See the collaborators page for more information.


We welcome your contribution on tools and sharing rules. Also you can help to improve this online workplace. Just create an account and become active in a workplace or email suggestions or ideas for improvement to info@microjusticeworkplace.net

Measuring Access to Justice

www.measuringaccesstojustice.com is our partner website where we share information about another TISCO project that aims to excell at gathering objective data on  the quality of procedures. The objective is to get reliable data on the extent to which procedures constitute a path to justice for people and their legal needs. On this website you can find information about measuring methodologies and current results from research.

The Microjustice Initiative

The Microjustice Initiative has developed the proposal for this project and leads the search for bottom up justice solutions to make basic justice services available for all. http://www.microjusticeinitiative.org/

Innovating Rule of Law Initiative

The microjustice facilitator toolkit project is one of Innovative Rule of Law projects that is financed by the Innovating Rule of Law Initiative and its founding members http://www.innovatingjustice.com/:

  • The Hague Institute for the Internalisation of Law (HIIL)
  • European Academy for Legislation (EAFL)
  • Center for International Legal Cooperation (CILC)

TISCO (University of Tilburg)

TISCO (The Tilburg Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies of Civil law and Conflict Resolution Systems)  coordinates this project, provides methodological support and maintains the website.  http://www.tilburguniversity.edu/research/institutes-and-research-groups/tisco/

The Microjustice Workplace is powered by the Microjustice Initiative and facilitated by TISCO, Tilburg University.

Microjustice Initiative

P.O. Box 80523
2508 GM The Hague
The Netherlands
+31 70 3589221 (phone)
+31 70 3549766 (fax)


Faculty of Law, Tilburg University
Room M 907 (Montesquieu Building)
PO Box 90153
5000 LE Tilburg
+31 (0)13 466 2281 (phone)
+31 (0)13 466 2323 (fax)


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